Week 9


Intro to Week 9


This week we introduce exercises that can have an effect on your downswing. This part of the swing involves many parts of the body and transfer of weight from the rear foot towards the front foot.  This week’s exercises try to work on several of these different areas and movements that are used in the downswing.  As with all weeks, start with the easiest option of each exercise and only move to the harder option once you are safe and competent to do them.  Build up through the progressions during the week and over a longer period of training as required.

Pre-Session: Warm Up



Week 9 – Lower Limb: Band Walks With Squat


Week 9 – Upper Limb: Tricep Progressions


Week 9 – Mobility: Quadruped Reach


Week 9 – Combined: Resisted Rotations



Week 9 – Core: Kneeling Chop With Rotation