Week 5


Intro to Week 5


This week we introduce the KO8.  This is a great piece of equipment that combines resistance band and suspension training, giving a huge range of training options.  The resistance band option allows a variety of strength of resistance and you can therefore increase the difficulty/resistance over a period of time as you improve your ability & strength.  Always make sure that the KO8 or any similar piece of equipment is securely attached to an appropriate anchor point before you use it.  With all these exercises, move on to the harder progressions once you are competent and safe at carrying out the easiest option.  Make sure you concentrate on well performed and controlled movements.

Pre-Session: Warm Up


Week 5 – Lower Limb: Lunge KO8


Week 5 – Upper Limb: Incline Row


Week 5 – Mobility: Peanut


Week 5 – Combined: Pull Up From Squat


Week 5 – Core: Pallof Press