Week 10

Intro to Week 10


Power is an important performance factor, especially for the golf swing.  The legs play an important role in power development in the golf swing.  This week we look at power and introduce some exercises that can help to improve the condition and function of your legs and the whole kinetic chain. Remember to start at the easiest option of each exercise, only progressing when you are safe and competent at the easiest level.  The key is safe and controlled movements with good technique, build up slowly and at your own pace and ability.

Pre-Session: Warm Up


Week 10 – Lower Limb: Side to Side Jumps


Week 10 – Upper Limb: Single Arm Snatch


Week 10 – Mobility: Squat Sequence


Week 10 – Combined: Squat Jump


Week 10 – Core: Deadlift