Reach Wellness

Jeff Davis (Managing Director) of Reach Wellness explains, “As in many professional sports, we are delighted to now expand our relationship with the ETPI to include the provision of world class fitness and wellness technology. We have established an excellent relationship with the European Tour over many years and gained a detailed understanding of the requirements of golf professionals and medical practitioners. Fitness conditioning is now considered to be a fundamental requirement of every golf professional.

As Sports Scientists with 30+ years in the fitness industry, we continue to provide health and wellness solutions to the market via leading manufacturers and drive research & development in conjunction with world-class innovators such as Loughborough University Sports Technology Institute.“

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Enraf-Nonius are a market leader in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. They deliver products and services of the highest quality according to the most advanced techniques. The have been official suppliers to the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI) and Physio Unit for many years. They provide the unit with state of the art treatment couches, electrotherapy and rehabilitation equipment.

The professional golfers on the European Tour benefit day in day out from the quality and comfort that Enraf Nonius products offer and the robust construcution that enables the tables to be extensively used and to be safely and quickly moved and transported across large distances. The Enraf Nonius treatment beds ensure consultants are able to be comfortable during there work with beds that are functional, easy to use, stable and high quality.

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GE Healthcare

Amazing accuracy and immediate information help you excel in providing patient care. The LOGIQ e high-resolution image quality gives you the information you need to help make quick decisions with confidence. Its versatility, compact profile, precision tools and easy-to-use platform make the LOGIQ e well-suited for point-of-care imaging for musculoskeletal, rheumatology, interventional, anesthesia and pain management, emergency and critical care.

Our Sports Medicine consultants and Radiologists on tour are able to utilise the Logiq E9 from within the European Tour Physio unit to enable rapid and accurate scanning and diagnosis of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and problems.

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