Strength & Conditioning


The modern golf swing is a highly powerful yet coordinated and balanced athletic movement. Elastic energy is stored during the backswing via the coiling of the trunk against the resistance created by the legs. This energy is released as the club is accelerated rapidly towards impact followed by a deceleration phase through to the end of the swing. Great muscular effort is involved and in general stronger individuals will be able to generate more force throughout this process.

There is clearly a trend over the last 30 years whereby the world’s best golfers have become more powerful, more explosive and are hitting the ball harder, with more force and further. These golfers are now seen as athletes and their training reflects that. Elite golfers work hard to increase their strength and power, which can transfer into greater club head speed and driving distance. They spend nearly as much time becoming a better golfer without a club in their hands as they do on the golf course and practice range.

Golf is a unique sport with many components and ways that you can improve your game. The use of strength & conditioning is one of these components. We like to ensure a variety of exercise styles and techniques are incorporated into a golfers physical preparation that meet their needs and requirements.

What is important to remember is that everyone is an individual and therefore has specific needs, limitations, abilities and requirements unique to them. This also includes things such as any current & previous injuries, their level of fitness, the equipment/facilities available to them and both their health and fitness aims. The type, style and intensity of Strength & conditioning & training you use should therefore reflect that.

Golf exercises & fitness training doesn’t all need to mimic the golf swing. Golfers should prioritise ensuring basic overall strength, mobility, stability & general fitness are at adequate levels and then look to work on exercises that develop explosiveness & speed.

Developing explosive strength & power is vital for people playing sports such as golf. Once a suitable foundation of strength, mobility & stability is achieved this type of training should be incorporated & developed over time. Exercises that mimic the golf swing should be added to complement this underlying athletic foundation & fitness training and not replace it.

Ensuring safe and appropriate techniques and programs are taught by suitably qualified practitioners is vital.

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