On Tour

The European Tour Physiotherapy Unit was set up in 1992 in response to the growth of the game of golf and to meet the health and fitness requirements of professional golfers on Tour. Over the last 20 years the service has grown and developed enormously to provide a world class, comprehensive service to enable Tour golfers to complete and perform at the highest level week in week out across the globe.

The Director of the Physiotherapy Unit and Performance Institute is Rob Hillman. He leads a multinational and multidisciplinary mix of specialists including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Therapists. They work closely with the sports medicine team led by the European Tour’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Roger Hawkes. They are out at each event to provide sports medicine support and ensure the professional golfers on Tour have rapid access to the best medical care and performance service at every opportunity. At several events on tour throughout the year we are supported by some of the UK’s leading upper limb surgeons and radiologists. The Seniors Tour and Challenge Tour also have their own set of clinicians that work at each event.