Assessment & Rehabilitation


The game of golf places many physical demands on the body which can both have huge health benefits but also can cause problems and injury.
There are many reasons why someone may have an injury or problem from playing golf including:

  • Having certain physical limitations or restrictions
  • Not preparing properly
  • Lack of physical conditioning
  • Over practice / play
  • Technical faults

For most people many of these issues can be identified and addressed through appropriate assessment, evaluation & management. Whether you have a specific injury or a just a physical limitation/restriction that could develop into a problem the right advice, treatment, rehabilitation & conditioning is vitally important. This will help you to perform to your maximum and minimize any injury potential. There are many benefits of strength & conditioning work and rehabilitation, but the underlying aims of rehabilitation of an injured golfer to make them strong, stable and robust.

The European Tour Performance Institutes in Terre Blanche and Dubai offer world class facilities and staff that are able to provide golfers of all abilities from the first timer to Tour pro’s with knowledge, skills and expert assessment and rehabilitation to meet your needs.